Car Air Conditioning Service

Being equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, fast and accurate quotation system our car air conditioning service Sunshine North of Multitune Mechanical Repairs offers a wide range of services at a quick around time which saves you from high bills, as our proficient mechanics puts in all of their reserved experience and innovative techniques, so that the streamline of our work and customers may not be hampered. Well, to assist you more with all your mechanical needs below mentioned are the following servicing responsibilities we involve in, which covers all the auto electrical and mechanical repairs.

Services we offer:

  • Re gas your vehicle with R134A refrigerant, fluoro dye and oil
  • Specialist in Leak testing all components
  • Compressors, condenser and filter replacements
  • Stop bad odours from your air conditioner vents system
  • Diagnose and repair all air conditioning problems
  • Check pressures in your A/C system and advise your problem
  • Check temperatures on vents
  • Check climate control operations and vents direction system

We are completely authorized with the Australian Refrigeration Council – Licence number AU3465.

car air conditioning service Sunshine North