Auto Electrical Repairs

Multitune Mechanical Repair is expert in providing the best auto electrical services. We have the equipment and ability to provide the best Auto Electrical Repairs in Sunshine North. Nowadays cars are complicated with unified computers, sensors and management systems, which ordinarily implies that a general mechanic is not always the best place to have your car’s electrical issues analyzed and repaired. So, we provide the experience and knowledgeable technicians who can handle the auto electrical problem.

Auto electrical repairs Sunshine North

Our Auto Electrical Services include:

  • Starter motors
  • Alternators
  • Air-conditioning
  • Air-conditioning deodorizing
  • F.I. Diagnostic and repairs
  • A scan tool to diagnose faults on most E.F.I vehicles
  • SRS and ABS faults
  • Engine warning light
  • Traction control warning light
  • Erasing fault codes
  • Programming most remotes
  • Body control module
  • Electric brakes (e.g. Caravans)
  • Remote control replacements (programming)
  • Car alarms
  • Sound systems
  • Car immobilizers
  • General wiring and repairs (burnt wiring)
  • Rewires
  • Lights and kits (e.g. Blown globes)

Other Services:

  • Central locking (keyless entry)
  • Electric windows
  • Battery replacements
  • Dual battery fit outs
  • Vintage/classic/custom cars
  • Project car

So, if you are facing any of the issues mentioned above then visit us for auto Electrical repairs in Sunshine North.